Conduct an Online Exam using Online Exam Software ?

When it comes to conducting an online exam, you have to trust the ones who are pioneers in making feature rich online exam software along with online assessment system. Shreya eTest is an innovative and robust web based online exam software which helps Educational Institutions, Corporate, Government and other leading organizations to conduct online assessments and surveys with ease.

Shreya eTest is one of the best online examination system which offer an integrated package of software applications for online exams, offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams and many more. This software is capable to answer the undying efforts of the teachers as well as the moderators who are working towards simplification and modernization of the exam techniques. Shreya eTest has already conducted innumerable exams throughout and has proved highly successful and simplified in campus placement reducing manpower requirement and the cost implementation as well as work load of the company officials. The results are highly reliable, quick, saves time and manpower. The team of Shreya eTest puts constant efforts to make it simpler and user friendly. New research and updates are constantly focused and added to Shreya eTest.


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