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Join Shreya Softech and start your successful journey today! It’s a known fact that technology is growing at a very fast pace, especially in a developing country like India. There is also a huge support from all the regional as well as the Central Government. By being a franchise holder of the digital business of Shreya Softech, you can enter this world of technology and in turn have a chance of earning huge profits. Your job will be to promote our business among potential clients and in turn get regular commissions from the services your clients will use from Shreya Softech. No prior knowledge is required as you will be given a proper training about all the services which shreya Softech provides and possible questions your client can ask. You will also be provided with flyers, brochures and banners to help you promote your business. The most important thing is that you will have monopoly in your region of work as no other franchise will be given by Shreya Softech in that area.
The initial investment will be minimal, which is a very good deal given the fact that most our franchises get back their return on investment within on average 3 months. Furthermore, most our franchises our able to earn in multiples as most clients stay with us for life long time which means franchise’s commission is also permanent. Therefore, it is definitely a win-win situation.