Online Examination System

Shreya e-Test is the most complete Online examination systems/ Online Test Series Software and performance analysis tool developed by Shreya Software Tehnology Private limited. It’s a ready to go solution for every one starting from simple tests/exams/quizzes to high end cloud preparation needs and even for live exams. Shreya e-Test is the Online Examination/Test Series solution that fits all size and needs.

Shreya e-Test is a powerful online examination software equipped with feature to manage or conduct any kind of exam. Written in CakePHP with Bootstrap , it is light weight, flexible and extremely easy to use.


 Easy Administration

  • Interactive Dashboard : No more confusion of same Subject for different groups any more. Option to create multiple subjects of same name with different group belonging is so easy with Shreya e-Test
  • Role Based Users : Create custom role for users, define user levels and can do a lot more. You can even enable disable features for particular users/teachers using Modular Rights Permission Form easily.
  • Groups/Subjects : No more confusion of same Subject for different groups any more. Option to create multiple subjects of same name with different group belonging is so easy with Shreya e-Test.

Smooth Student Management

Shreya e-Test provide a very easy to use Student Management option where you can easily search student records and access the profile and traction at the same time with ease. Doing task such as

  • Enrolling New Students
  • Managing Student Profiles
  • Access and Updates to Student E-Wallet
  • Access to Student Transaction Records
  • Export / Import of Student Data
  • Group Record Managements

very easily.

Powerful Online Examination Creator

  • Attempt Count : Define the number of time a student can attempt create exam for each exam separately.
  • Auto Publish Exams : Automatically Publish , Unpublished Exam by selecting the data and time for each exam.
  • View Answer Sheet : Allow student or view answer-sheet for each exam. You can easily switch between yes or no.
  • Marking / Negative Marking : Allow or Disallow Negative Marking for each exam by selecting the option.
  • Free / Paid Exam : You can create paid exam and define fee for each exam which can be deducted from student E-Wallet during the attempt.
  • Random Questions : Randomize the sequence of student for each exam.
  • Browser Tolrance : Prevent student for switching, minimizing the browser window, during the exam by enabling this option.
  • Expiry Date : Create an Expiry Date for Exam in Days for auto expiry.
  • Result After Finish : Allow student to get instant result after the exam.
  • Type of Exams :
    Exam Mode : Chose the Question Manually from Question Bank. Each Student will get same question in this mode.
    Preparation Mode :
    Randomly pick the amount of question from question bank each time student appear the exam


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[wptabtitle]Software Speifications[/wptabtitle]

  • CakePHP Framework
  • Open Source
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap 3x
  • Inbuilt Requirement Analyzer
  • In Built Installer
  • Translation Friendly
  • RTL Layout

[wptabtitle]Administration Feature[/wptabtitle]

  • Interactive Dashboard with System Summery
  • Groups to categorize Students and Teachers
  • Users with Custom Rights/Permissions
  • Group based Users with personalized dashboard
  • Subjects with Group Assignment
  • Question Banks

[wptabtitle]Question Bank[/wptabtitle]

  • Four Types Questions : 1. Objective, Subjective, True and False and Fill in the Blanks
  • Question Editor with Image Upload Option
  • Question Editor with MathsJax Plugin for Math Formal
  • Optional Hint for each Question
  • Option Explanation for each Questions
  • Marks and Negative Marks
  • Difficulty Level
  • CSV Bulk Export / Import of Questions

[wptabtitle]Exams Features[/wptabtitle]

  • Exam with Data and Time parameter
  • Exam Attempt Count
  • Group Restriction
  • Control for Answer Sheet view after exam to student
  • Enable / Disable Negative Marks
  • Enable Disable Random Questions
  • Free and Paid Exams
  • Browser Tolerance for Window Switching / Minimizing prevention during exam
  • Expiry Date for Exam
  • Exam mode for Specific Question or Random Question from Question Bank

[wptabtitle]Result Features[/wptabtitle]

  • Exam Wise Result
  • Group Wise Result
  • Ranking for each Exam
  • Result in PDF
  • Certificate for each Exam
  • Detailed Result including Sectional Analysis , Time and correction answer details
  • Result with Performance Chart

[wptabtitle]Student Managemment[/wptabtitle]

  • Student Enrollment from Front End and Admin
  • Full Student Profile with Photo
  • Student E-Wallet with Transaction History
  • Student Data Export / Import from Csv
  • Student Expiry in Days
  • Student Account Status
  • Full Student Dashboard (Front End)

[wptabtitle]Email Features[/wptabtitle]

  • Internal Email Box
  • Read, Send , Store Internal Email
  • Multiple Email Submission
  • External Emails
  • SMTP Settings

[wptabtitle]Configuration Features[/wptabtitle]

  • Full White Label Settings
  • SEO Management
  • Time Zone Management
  • Front End Slider / Pages / Stats Module Settings
  • Currency Management
  • PayPal Settings
  • Ability to manage records display
  • Language Manager

[wptabtitle]CMS Features[/wptabtitle]

  • Pages Manager
  • Slider Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Module Manager
  • Image Manager
  • Advertisement Manager