About us

Shreya Software Technology Pvt Ltd is a leading provider for Software Development Services in Patna,Bihar, India. We have achieved a prominent position of an expert Offshore Software Development Company. Our goal is to deliver premium Quality Custom Software Development Services and products while giving unmatched value to our customers at an affordable cost. The services offered are custom software development, software applications, offshore software development and web based software services.

We are a professional Web Development Company based in Patna, Bihar, India. We offer a wide range of Custom Web Development Services to reach the targeted audience to enhance and compliment their business needs. As a renowned Website Development Company, our vast clientele has spread all across the globe. Our company develops custom Web Site Applications across a wide range of technology platforms to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies. The services include custom website development, ecommerce websites, web application development, offshore web development.

Our thrust to update knowledge keeps us always at par with industry requirements. We provide extensive training to our staff to keep them abreast of new technologies.

Working in close association with all our clients, our ultimate aim is to provide the best possible solution to our clients without compromising quality. Our cost affective solutions offered at par with Industry standards are achieved by our highly skilled staff.

Shreya Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. was hired as Software Development Company in Patna, Bihar, India about three years ago. One of his first responsibilities was to install and implement the School software packages. During this process, it discovered the software was not adequate for School’s requirements, and started the process of searching for and planning the implementation of a new software package name is SSM (Shreya School Management). This carefully planned process took about a year from initial steps of the search to alive system; but today, SSM is working with a user-friendly, fully integrated software system that helps facilitate the School’s objectives. Shreya Softech expects to see a big benefit in the scheduling portion of the system, which will look at the company’s actual capacity versus load, and point out bottlenecks and resource constraints. “This will help plan our resources for the School Management and help meet customer demands as well”.

To gain company-wide input, Shreya Software Technology created an Implementation Team made up of representatives from each of the company’s functional areas (customer service, manufacturing group, planning group, inventory control, accounting and finance, Hospital Management Software, Hotel Management Software  and human resources). Shreya Software Technology said the team looked at their business to find answers to the question: “What do we need in a software package to suit what we do as a business?” They said, “You have to spend time thinking about how you want the system structured to meet your current and future needs.


Shreya Software Technology Pvt. Ltd. has constantly helped small and large corporations to identify, develop, implement and support their IT needs. It also aims to help them in Software Development, Consultancy, Management & implementation of their IT needs with special emphasis on Finance Management of Institutions.

Today’s business operates in a real-time world where innovation rules, competitors appear from all corners, knowledge provides more leverage than capital and the new rules evolve everyday. We provide you an advantage over your competitors through its cutting edge Software solutions.

Shreya Softech is a brand in the market of software development having best experience in the field of School/Colleges, Medical Laboratories, Lifeline & Hospitals, Hotel & Restaurants. Shreya Software Technology now offering fast, reliable and affordable service to all.


  • Be the leading Software Development Company in India.
  • Create a customer focused organization with excellence in sales, marketing and technical support.
  • Accuracy, User Friendly, Fast Working and Error-free Software Development.
  • Create Unique, Reliable and dependable software for all business sectors.


A quote of a wise man goes as “The only constant thing in our world is change”, which couldn’t be more true than in the case of computer industry to withstand technology obsolescence ever since it evolved. Bearing this in mind, we at Shreya Software Technology constantly review our performance, honing up the skills while updating the software packages and services allied to out  activities, thus   bridging the gap between human intelligence and modern techniques.


A firm believer in never resting on laurels, we at Shreya Software Technology provide complete ongoing service support to our clients as a regular part of the company’s commitment to our customers. What’s more to their advantage, our clients have been pleasantly rewarded with our experience while dealing with the Company. Shreya Soft’s custom-designed software as well as Vertical Applications has proved to be a boon to them, as each package caters for their specific individual needs when required.


Behind Shreya Softech’s own software marketing force is a strong, wide-ranging dealer network spread all over Bihar, Jharkhand and U.P. which provides the required back-up to various Software developed and services offered by the Company.


Shreya Softech is flair to develop flexible, custom-designed software meeting all the requirements of the customers has helped us earn an unmatched reputation among the customers. Our professionals can conceive, develop and implement various tailor-made software packages as desired by the customers’ individual & specific business requirements.