Search Engine Optimization : taking your bussiness to new heights.

Search Engine Optimization is a great way to kick-off your Website marketing strategies, increase your online presence, widen your visibility and double up your online traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the important source to bring visitors to your website. Top 10 Search Engine Rankings are guaranteed for your website at an affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) prices…


Search engines are the important source to bring visitors to your website. There are hundreds of people and businesses entering to the Global market every day. If your customer don’t find you through these search engines then your online presence will not be felt, at PI solutions we work closely on your website such that the search engines can track your website ahead of your competitor.

Over using of SEO techniques can harm your website. It is important to know the border that is not to cross while doing SEO techniques. With constant observation and with our extensive experience on the web we know the effective use of these techniques without crossing the border.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enabling your website to become more friendly for search engine spiders and easier to find when your most important keywords are searched.


SEO is based upon two different activities, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page tactics insure that your website is perfectly set up to be placed high in the organic search results. Off-page techniques include working on other factors outside of your website, like link building that will improve the popularity, authority and trust of your website and truly help it to rank high in organic search results.


Keyword Research is integral part of SEO services. With a poorly constructed site, your marketing efforts may not yield the desired results. For many online business owners, this can be quite disappointing as they are not able to get good returns on their investment. What these websites lack is in depth research to find the right keywords and keyword phrases and placing them smartly in the content. This is where Shreya Software Technology Pvt Ltd can help. At our research centre which is based in India, we explore using advanced web tools the most used keywords that are relevant to your niche and can help bring more visitor traffic to your website.


  1. Keywords Research
  2. RSS Feed Generation and Submission
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Social Networking Profile
  6. Article Submission
  7. Press Release Submission
  8. Blog Creation and Updating service
  9. Blog Marketing
  10. Classified Ad Creation and Posting
  11. Blog RSS Feed Submissions
  12. Work Status Reports
  13. Traffic Reports
  14. Top Page Ranking in Search Engines (Google)
  15. Detailed Site Analysis
  16. Competitor Analysis
  17. Site Pages Optimized
  18. SEO Friendly Navigation and Design Optimization
  19. HTML Code and Meta – Content Optimization
  20. Images and Links to be Optimized
  21. HTML Sitemap Creation
  22. Google XML Sitemap Creation and Regular Updation
  23. Robot.txt Optimization
  24. Google Analytics Setup and Review
  25. Search Engine Ranking Reports
  26. Client Support – Email/Chat Support
  27. Traffic Increase on Organic Search Engine Results
  28. Alt Image Tag Optimization
  29. Tooltip Integration
  30. Sitemap Creation
  31. Content Optimization
  32. H1/H2/H3 Optimization
  33. Google Webmaster Tool Setup and Review
  34. Search Engine Submission

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