Online Exam Portal Development

online_examination_systemOnline Exam portal is the best mode to track the students’ capabilities and test them, propel them in high levels to act their best in the next attack. Online Exam portal not only looking into the down marks of students, but also assisting the students and educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries and time restraints in the chore of constant evaluation of pupil functioning. The online Exam Portal provides intensive tools to administer, monitor and grade exams on-line. Online Exam portal is primary want for colleges, universities, teachers, professors, Employees, Partners, Technicians, web site Members, the overall Public, or anyone you would like to allow secure access to your Content. Recruiting agencies. it’s terribly helpful for folks within the educational development of children to enhance their instructional skills.




Online Examination Portal is a complete system where you can create and conduct online examination for your institutes, organizations, coaching centers, etc. It is dedicated to provide a safe and stable platform for examiners to create and organize internal and external exams.

We are offering an unique opportunity for the examiners to create and conduct unlimited online exams for unlimited students without wasting any resources to develop personalize examination software.

Features of Online Examination Portal ?

  • Create unlimited number of student profiles.
  • Differentiate them by groups (i.e. classes, departments or examinations).
  • Create user id and passwords for every student automatically and send it to their email id.
  • Create unlimited questions sets.
  • Create and conduct unlimited examinations.
  • Publish and view results by both student and exam wise.
  • Notify every student about the examinations or share study materials through this system.
  • Create different users on administrative label and provide them separate permissions for different work (for example, a data entry operator can upload student details but cannot create examinations).

Why Online Examination Portal ?

  • Reduce the cost and time of organizing examinations.
  • Students can evaluate themselves by giving test exams as many times as they need.
  • It will check answers and publish results in few seconds.
  • Students can appear in the examination through any devices (i.e. Laptops, Android devices, Windows devices, iphones, any smart phone, etc.)
  • It is in online platform so, no software installation required.
  • We are providing 256bit SSL encryption protocol to make this system safe. This encryption protocol is used by many reputed organizations like, Banks, corporations and several ecommerce websites.
  • It will reduce the use of paper which in term save trees.

Question Management

  • Add question quickly & easily into test
  • Import your question from user
  • Arrange them according to subject and topic
  • Use a single question in multiple tests in online examination
  • Question is also in image format for live exam

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