Shop Management Software

SHOPPE  is the complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the jewelry retail, wholesale & manufacturing. SHOPPE  for inventory & accounting takes care of operations ranging from purchase, sales, manufacturing, return & repair, transactions with contractors, style, imaging and similar operations which are of importance to a jeweler. It comprises of modules, some of which are specific to the jewellery manufacturing process and the rest are related to general accounting functions.


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Some salient features of SHOPPE

  • Polish Weight in % or Weight. You can set different for Sales & Purchase
  • Different Chain Weight & Purity in Same Barcode for Nackles & Pandent
  • Testing facility at the time of purchase
  • Diamond & Stone Weight effect on Net Weight Not in your Hands
  • Raw material purchase details (Party/date/bill/item/barcode/weight wise details).
  • Raw material consumed, current and balance details.
  • Finished jewellery purchase (Party/date/bill/item/barcode/weight wise details).
  • Material issue to Karigar(Party/date/bill/item/weight wise details).
  • Issue Diamonds/gems/Pearls/stone/extra goods to Karigar.
  • Pure and finished metal/jewellery receive from karigar.
  • Labour account (i.e.credited making charge).
  • Repair/Maintenance/tounch and polish entry voucher and view.
  • Barcoding of the finished jewellery at the time of receiving from karigar/direct purchase.
  • Sale the finished product/jewellery barcode wise fast and compatible.
  • Order voucher with old gold purchase and the the part/full payment entry(i.e. of any type) with delivery Date/time.
  • Order voucher auto settlement in bill and as per today’s rates conversion in sales invoice.
  • Approval voucher and its automatic conversion in sales invoice with separate inventory reports.
  • More Than 200 Customized Reports


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Key Features of Our All Products


  • Single User & Multi User
  • 100% Data Security & Accuracy
  • Tried & Tested (100% error free)
  • Suppliers, Customers & Personal Directory
  • Telephone Book, Envelope & Labels Printing
  • Software / Operator / Company Passwords & Boundations.
  • Fast Handling With Various Keystrokes & Multitasking Features


  • Effective control over all financial transaction.
  • Multi Branch Accounting
  • All books of Accounts & Final Results
  • Full Accounting up to Balance Sheet with almost all accounting Report.
  • Outstanding Reports and Analysis
  • Configurable payment Reminder Letters
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Cash & Bank Day Book and journal
  • Bank Reconciliations & Interest Calculation
  • Configurable Statement of A/C
  • Depreciation Chart (as per Co. Act / IT Act)
  • Funds Planning / Bank Planning.
  • Post dated Cheques facility.


  • Export Facility to MS-Excel / MS-Word / Text Files / PDF Files / HTML.
  • Preparation of Customized Chart of each & every Report.
  • Hot key for switch over from one report to another.
  • Any Report Printing from anywhere.
  • Window / Dos Based Printing of Each Module, as per Client Customization..
  • Customizing Printing of Reports with Fast Draft, Windows Draft & Windows Print Option.
  • Freeze, Split & Summary Facility with Report Window.
  • Customized Reports On Your Demand & Requirements.
  • Facility to e-mail All Reports.


  • Protection from Unauthorized User by User level creation and access control.
  • Missing document tracking audit and reports.
  • Backups, Restore & Re-Arrange of Data.
  • Data Security with Self Backup & Replication System.
  • Recycle Bin to Restore deleted data.