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Library Management System is a fully functional library management tool loaded with detailed options for entering the information about the books. Issues and returs are also managed without any user intervention. All the operator needs is to input the details of the book or the name of the student to whom the book was issued. Moreover, The system also supports definition of a Library Fine policy so that the books returned late are fined according to the policies in control of a higher authority.

“SSM-2014, developed by Shreya Software Technology Pvt Ltd, a leading Software Development Company in Bihar” maintain complete data of Books / Magazines / Newspapers, maintain subscription of magazines / Newspapers, attendance of magazines / Newspapers , issue / return books to students and staff, fine management, and generate NO dues certificate and reports.

Find media by any keyword typed in text box or by selecting the name of media author, publisher or subject also find different combinations of author, publisher, subject and sub subject.

Library Management is a comprehensive library management solution that is suitable for both large and small libraries. Its flexible design enables SSM 2014 to be installed in a range of Library organizations, ranging from public libraries, through to academic, joint use and special libraries. One of SSM Library Management strengths is that while it has been developed using the latest software technologies, it is also a mature, proven system.

SSM 2014 provides sorted data on required fields by clicking on the column header. i.e. if clicked on publisher the data will be sorted on publisher.

Easy operation of circulation by entering the code of media, get all the information related to the media and the number.

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